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Scale & Clean


As part of maintaining healthy teeth gums and teeth, visiting your dentist after at least six months for a scale and clean is of utmost importance. However, the number of visits depends on what your dentist advises you. If you fail to visit the dentist for a year for a scale and clean then, you run a risk of developing gum disease (periodontitis). Gum disease can significantly reduce the bone support around your teeth, thus loosening them. If you have periodontal disease or you are a smoker, it is necessary that you visit your dentist more frequently so as to maintain your oral health. If for the past one year you haven’t had a scale, clean and polish, then book an appointment with us at Springvale Dental Clinic.

What are Scale and Clean?

Scale and clean is the professional way of cleaning your teeth by removing the calculus and tartar build up that cannot be removed by every day brushing and flossing at home. Calculus and tartar can still build up even if you brush your teeth twice per day. If not removed, any build-up of plaque or calculus can cause gum disease. Teeth become more sensitive to stains that cause it to damage over time. With an increasing amount of substances that are potentially hazardous being added to most of the food we consume today, you should take measures and stay ahead of your dental health. In Springvale, there are quite a number of dental clinics, however, very few can compare with the kind of service offered by us at Springvale Dental Clinic. We are experts when it comes to scaling and cleaning.

Scale and clean treatment done in our dental clinic includes the following

  • - Removal of calculus which is the hard yellow substance on teeth
  • - Removal of plaque and stains by polishing teeth with paste
  • - Removal of plaque which is a white sticky film present on the teeth

Is Scale and Clean Procedure Painful?

A majority of people who have undergone through the process say that it is not painful. The cooling mist of water, tickling vibrations and the feeling of pressure during scrapping don’t cause any discomfort. Most people even report that they enjoy the cleaning process and love the smooth feeling of their teeth afterward. However, make sure to let your dentist know if you are experiencing any discomfort, they are various options that can be recommended for you to make the process more enjoyable

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