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Root Canal


At Springvale Dental Clinic we are great advocates of root canal treatment as it means we can save your teeth! Saving your teeth where possible is our top priority as it is the best option for you and your oral health. We regularly carry out root canal treatment to our patients. We are proud that a good number of our patients have been personally referred to us by other patients over the years.

What is Root Canal?

A root canal is a term that refers to space within the centre of the tooth or the natural cavity. It is made up of the pulp chamber which is responsible for providing nutrients to each tooth. A cavity in the tooth leaves an opening where bacteria can enter into the tooth and multiply. These bacteria can cause infections and form abscesses or pockets filled with pus up at the roots of the tooth if left untreated. This can cause swelling and severe pain which could spread to other areas of the head or face. Serious infections can result in bone loss around the tip of the tooth’s roots.

What is The Treatment Procedure?

Step 1

The procedure involves extensive use of anaesthetic before the removal of any decay from the tooth. An opening is made through the top of the tooth into the chamber where the pulped tissue is housed. In most cases, this pulp tissue is already severely damaged that is dying or dead at the time of a root canal treatment.

Step 2

After making the opening, the dentist then measures the length of the root or roots using an x-ray with a small wire in each root canal. After determining the exact length, these canals or chambers are then cleaned. Cleaning is done using very small files that often are mechanically driven so as to enhance your comfort.

Step 3

The final step involves filling and sealing of the cleaned and shaped root canal. This is done using a cement-like sealer and a rubber filling material known as guttapercha which hardens and seals the canal from bacterial infection.

What Signs Indicate That You May Need a Root Canal?

After a tooth has been infected, it usually provides some warning signs. If the pulp of the tooth has become diseased, you may:

  • - Experience tender or swollen lymph nodes
  • - Experience a foul taste in your mouth, even after brushing
  • - Suffer pain
  • - Experience pus that drains into your mouth
  • - See a discolouration or a large cavity

In need of a Root Canal?

If at all you think you are in need of a root canal, call us or visit us at Springvale Dental Clinic. Remember, the earlier we diagnose a problem, the more likely that we can save your tooth. Also, it is more likely that you will require less extensive treatment.


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